MARRESManual Radar Reconnaissance Exploitation System
MARRESMarine Reserves (US Military)
MARRESManual Radar Reconnaissance Exploitation System/Segment
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Material deliberations move interaction beyond the spoken word and persuasive arguments, and permit people to experience the affective possibilities of situated objects and activity (Davies et al., 2012; Marres, n.d.).
This double function is expressed in a project based on what Marres (2012) refers to as topological imaginaries: to transform the port of Dar from an enclave to a 'gateway' (TPA, 2016a; World Bank, 2014).
Partindo de Marres (2015), reconhecemos uma hibridizacao entre as controversias sociotecnicas e os ambientes midiaticos em rede em que elas tambem se constituem e dos quais sao extraidos dados para estudos.
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L'orang-outan Jup, qui deviendra selon la logique vernienne l'inseparable compagnon de Nab, sera plus tard decrit de facon semblable: "Il ne quittait plus ses marres et ne manifestait aucune envie de s'echapper.