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MARRIMigration, Asylum, Refugees Regional Initiative
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Al Marri paid a visit to six new centers in Mamzar, the Dubai Mall, the Waterfront, Al Rigga Street, the Chinese Market, and in Marhaba Mall.
Justice Nawaz Marri, a senior judge of the BHC, was killed in a firing incident in Quetta's Zarghoon road area on January 6, 2000.
The capital of real estate company IENA 86 is divided into 100 shares, which are owned by Ali Bin Fetais Al Marri (98 shares) and by two of his sons, Hamad Ali, born in 2002 (1 share), and Tameem Ali, born in 2013 (1 share)," wrote Le Point.
I, along with my supporters, have decided to leave the Baloch movement,' said Dr Marri, according to the media reports.
He said the new organization would confront and expose the evil designs of Indian paid disgruntled personalities like Brahamdagh Bugti, Hyrbyar Marri and Mehran Marri at all forums abroad.
Speaking to media outside the courtroom, Marri said, "We will compensate for the mistakes we have committed in the past.
Khwas Muhammad had requested for withdrawal of the case and lack of evidence court acquitted Gazen Marri.
The OHCHR had requested a visit to the countries imposing the blockade before issuing the report, but never received a reply, according to Marri.
It is pertinent to mention here that five dacoits were entered into the house of Zulifqar resident of Seetal Marri about two days ago.
Such kind of act would not be tolerated,' said Marri.
Al Marri spent the next few months receiving care in various US hospitals and underwent 15 surgical procedures in order to save his arm.
QUETTA -- Former Balochistan Home Minister Nawabzada Gazain Marri on Thursday said that Balochistan's isolation from the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) would add to a sense of deprivation among Baloch 'because the multi-billion project is a game changer for the country'.