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MARSECMaritime Security
MARSECMachine Readable Spoken English Corpus
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MARSEC Level 1 corresponds to the green, blue, and yellow alert levels promulgated by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in its threat-advisory system, while Levels 2 and 3 match higher alert levels.
At the center of the M3 MARSEC is Mesotech s proven M3 MultiMode Multibeam Sonar and it the only tool that in its price point that yields high-quality imaging records and 3D profiling data using the same sonar head.
If an emergency or threat to security arises, IS can quickly adopt different levels of access control, such as might be defined according to different MARSEC levels, for authorized and unauthorized individuals.
Points of discussion: MARSEC (maritime security) update, role of the site facility security officer, preparing for an audit, practical solutions for effective implementation, best practices, and benchmarking your program.
Accommodates MARSEC and threat level security requirements with the ability to operate in several different modes.
Additionally, its video tripwire feature enables us to create sophisticated security rules that empowers us to quickly extend or retract perimeter lines to adjust to different MARSEC security conditions.