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MARSENMaritime Remote Sensing
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Marsen et al., "Cliff-like conduction band offset and KCN-induced recombination barrier enhancement at the CdS/[Cu.sub.2]ZnSn[S.sub.4] thin-film solar cell heterojunction," Applied Physics Letters, vol.
Marsen and Doyle are also credited with "character development," and indeed each brandishes a funny, fearless screen presence in unusual circumstances that has as much to do with acting as with dance skill.
[26.] Hasselman, K., etal., "Theory of synthetic aperture radar ocean imaging: A MARSEN view," J.
He has since had a transplant - performed by his running partner Dr Lorna Marsen, 45, both pictured top right.
"Yeah, I got this lovely photo of (actors) Rhys Ifans, Eddie Marsen and Ben Wishart on location somewhere, all dressed like the three main characters in the book, but for some reason filming was abandoned," he says.
Peter Johnson, Esther McVey (MP for Wirral West) and Terry Smith, at the Red Door Nova chef patron Moyo Benson and his wife, Jana, at the launch Glen and Bob Gittins at Bob''s retirement party, at Noble House Models Ria Cairns and Megan Howell, with Beau Belle owner Chelsea Sweeney, at the launch of Nova, in Heswall Mark Ormiston (M&J Seafoods), Gary Manning (60 Hope Street) and Christian Peek, at the seafood night at 60 Hope Street Jan and Mandy Molby at the Red Door, in West Kirby, to celebrate Mandy''s birthday Carey Marsen and Stuart Ken, at 60 Hope Street''s seafood night