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MARSISMars Advanced Radar for Subsurface and Ionospheric Sounding
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Subsurface boundaries between layers with different properties each reflect the radio signal, so MARSIS may detect multiple echoes from each pulse.
"This subsurface anomaly on Mars has radar properties matching water or water-rich sediments," Roberto Orosei, principal investigator of the MARSIS experiment and lead author of the study, said in a ( statement .
Radio waves beamed down to the surface by Marsis penetrated through the ice and bounced back to the spacecraft.
Specifically, Bluefish 444 and Avmeda have collaborated to qualify Bluefish444's Epoch video I/O card range, including Epoch | Neutron, Epoch | 4K Neutron, Epoch | 4K Supernova, Epoch | 4K Supernova S+ and Epoch | Supernova CG, with Marsis Playout Automation, to create a "powerful platform" for broadcasters.
One of the famous tourist landmark in the island is "Marsis Old Fort", a witness to the history of the Wilaya since old times.
The low one (163 MHz), up to now, has been used in sounder mode, since ASI has a strong heritage in such systems for planetary exploration (MARSIS and SHARAD for Mars and future RIME for Jovian icy moon), but it can also be used in off-nadir configuration as imager.
The MARSIS radar was deployed in 2005 and has been collecting data ever since.
(46) Vease por ejemplo: ILD 463 = AE 1984, 739 = AE 1995, 1286: Numini Saturno / Reg(i) patri deo/rum / et Latonae / P(ublius) Recius Primus benlef(iciarius) leg(ati) leg(ionis) / VM(acedonicae) P(iae) F(idelis) p(osuit) ex / u(oto) domo Zigali / Afer;, CIL III, 11129 = ILS 04309: I(oui) O(ptimo) M(aximo) Dolic(h)eno/Atilius /Primus / (centurio) leg(ionis) / XIIII G(eminae) / ex euolcato leg(ionis)/X G(eminae) P(iae) F(idelis) / ex / uiso / pro salute / [sua] et suorum / u(otum) s(oluit) l(ibens) l(aetus) m(erito) / domo Sergia / Marsis; AE 2001, 1750: C(aius) Iulius Gratus / uet(eranus) eoh(ortis) V prae(toriae) / uixit ann(os) XXXX / mil(itauit) ann(os) XX do/mo Beryto / h(ic) s(itus) e(st) / C(aius) Iulius Gratus / uet(eranus) leg(ionis) IIII Scyt(hicae) / heres faciend/um curauit.
Par ailleurs, le site de Borobudur, plus grand temple bouddhiste du monde, sera ferme au public pour encore probablement une semaine, le temps de balayer la cendre volcanique qui recouvre les pierres, a indique le responsable de la conservation du site, Marsis Sutopo.
Marsis Sutopo, head of the temple conservation office, said there were concerns the acidic soot will speed the decay of the stones.
The equipment, dubbed Marsis, consists of a radar sounder with a 40 meter (131 foot) antenna fitted to an orbiter that is able to bounce radio waves 3.7 kilometers (2.3 miles) beneath the surface of Mars.