MARSSMinnesota Automated Reporting Student System
MARSSMaintenance and Ramp Safety Society
MARSSMaintenance And Repair Support System
MARSSMulti-Sensor Airborne Reconnaissance and Surveillance System
MARSSMoney, Advancement, Recognition, Security, and Satisfaction (recruiting firm)
MARSSMeteorological & Range Safety Support
MARSSMedium Altitude Reconnaissance and Surveillance System (US DoD)
MARSSManufacturing and Resource Scheduling System (software)
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The presence of the conodont Ozarkodina remscheidensis allows us to correlate the Ohesaare Stage with the upper Pridoli and the following Oulodus elegans detortus conodont Biozone identifies it as the youngest Upper Silurian sequence in Estonia (Marss & Mannik 2013; Mannik 2014).
Users are presented with an infographic that showcases Marss commitment to producing sustainable rice, as well as recipe ideas and links to complementary products.
In western Latvia, the scales have been found in three samples of the Ventspils drill core, at 472.4, 474.8, and 484.5 m, corresponding to the Mituva Formation of the Paadla Stage (middle Ludfordian, Upper Ludlow) (Marss 1986).
Ms Stephen-Smith said the ACT Government was committed to working with valued organisations such as MARSS.
Scarce chondrichthyan scales have been reported from the Middle Devonian Narova (= Narva) and Burtnieki regional stages of Estonia and northwestern Russia (Karatajhte-Talimaa 1997; Marss et al.
Contract Awarded for Materials research and survivability studies (marss)
Soon after, the first vertebrate biozonal scheme was compiled based on detailed studies of the vertebrate distribution in several continuous drill core sections from Estonia and Latvia (Marss 1982a, 1982b).
Marss redescribing a famous thelodont are good examples of classical systematic palaeontology forming an essential basis for analysis of animal evolution, palaeobiodiversity and -biogeography.