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MARTEMars Analog Research and Technology Experiment
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The CommunicationEndPoint (CEP) component in MARTE represents the interface of communication elements passing through CM components and contains only one attribute packetSize, which matches the elementSize attribute in CM components.
El hijo, que cuestiona al padre hipotetico, profundiza la relacion y abre un vertice mas en los vinculos poliedricos que Juan Villoro significa en La desobediencia de Marte.
Un hilo conductor de la mayoria de los articulos de este volumen es la fuerte conexion con la empresa cientifica de Marte dentro de Espana.
As well as Moroccans and eastern Europeans, many, like Marte, were Latin Americans.
Marte's 33-year-old Sudanese boss, H.A., was jailed for 13 months for consuming liquor and having consensual sex with the woman.
Once completed, the MARTE programme is expected to be adopted across the globe: a small team of very specialised radiologists based in hospital will, provided they have the necessary telerobotic equipment, be able to examine patients in small, far-away hospitals or ambulances or navigable ships or planes (in which they will have the essential telerobotic equipment at their disposal) and could be anywhere in the world.
At the same time, she shares with her mother, Marte, the fear of losing her self-control, her freedom, and her independence when yielding her heart to another.
Marte quickly pulled a .38-caliber revolver from under the counter and pointed it at the thug.
Marte Dagre, from Norway, studying for a BSc in Business Computing and IT, received the award for best first year student in Introduction to Accounting and Finance.
Fortunately for us, one of our friends, Marte Yerkins, was a cabinet manufacturer in a previous life.
"Given the typical level of participation at this meeting, BANINTER will be able to make contact with banks with which we can establish correspondent relationships and potential business agreements," comments Nurys Marte, vice president of private banking.
Entre algunas de sus posibles trayectorias podria estar Marte, otras preven que podria colisionar con algun asteroide.