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MARTHAMobile Autonomous Robots for Transportation and Handling Applications
MARTHAMissed approach, Altimeter, Radios, Time, Heading, Altitudes (terminal arrival mnemonic)
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Whether or no the early loves of Adam and Martha had rendered it inexpedient that they should now preside together over a Shaker village, it was certainly most singular that such should be the final result of many warm and tender hopes.
Martha was not less distinguished in the duties proper to her sex.
Son Adam, and daughter Martha," said the venerable Father Ephraim, fixing his aged eyes piercingly upon them, "if ye can conscientiously undertake this charge, speak, that the brethren may not doubt of your fitness.
Well," said Martha, evidently not in the least aware that she was impudent, "it's time tha' should learn.
She sobbed so unrestrainedly that good-natured Yorkshire Martha was a little frightened and quite sorry for her.
Waule, looking across at the Vincys, and then moving back to the side of her sister Martha.
I only hope and trust he wasn't a worse liver than we think of, Martha.
Martha kept one hand on my lips, and raised the other in a listening attitude.
They wouldn't be sweeping a big vessel like the Martha.
Besides, the Martha has a gasoline engine--twenty-five horse- power," Tudor added.
The meal over, Theodosia and Martha broke into a joint flood of ecstasy.
I was watching you all the time, Madame," quavered Martha, "and I asked Potapitch what mistress was trying to do.