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With these words, Marlene Vazquez Perez summarizes in this article the passion of the Cuban hero Jose Marti for the thought and work of Simon Bolivar, who made him say to his young readers in La Edad de Oro: "All Americans must love Bolivar as a father".
La propia relacion de Marti con la tradicion literaria y cultural estadounidense es anterior a su estadia neoyorquina ya que durante su periodo de formacion intelectual en la isla y sus primeros viajes por America Latina adquirio un conocimiento sumamente amplio de las corrientes literarias, los pensadores y las manifestaciones culturales (1).
figuras de Jose Marti a partir de su vida, de su obra y de las distintas
Melancholia, after all, is a defining essence of Marti as icon, a complex of longing and regret that aligns perfectly with the cultural imaginary that has defined Cuban nationalism since its first full flowering in the Ten Years' War (1868-1878)--a formative event for the adolescent Marti--and certainly since his death in 1895.
However, by combining theories on the genre of manifestos--mainly theater scholar Martin Puchner's equation "Manifesto=Theater"--Hagimoto teases out the "theatrical nature" of Marti and Rizal's texts.
Marti said: "I have thoroughly enjoyed my 30 years with the Wilko team in Rugby.
Marti, who has appeared in the likes of Chicago, Witches of Eastwick and Blood Brothers, is enjoying the show not just because of rekindled friendships.
Marti added he had been toying with writing a musical of his own, and thanked his fans for allowing him to pursue his "pet projects".
For that purpose, she studies the works of Cuban Jose Marti during the Gilded Age (1880-1895).
Over half a century ago, the Latin-American historian Manuel Pedro Gonzalez identified Jose Marti as a unique link between the northern and southern parts of the Western Hemisphere, stating that he made "the spiritual and intellectual values of the United States known throughout the Hispanic World.