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MARVMinimum Average Roll Value (textiles)
MARVMarburg Virus
MARVMammoth Armed Reclamation Vehicle (Command & Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath; computer game)
MARVManeuverable Reentry Vehicle
MARVMobile Armored Reconnaissance Vehicle
MARVMars Aerial Research Vehicle
MARVMicroautonomous Robotic Vehicle
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Blood samples from suspected case-patients were tested at the UVRI/CDC laboratory in Entebbe; all were negative for MARV by RT-PCR and serologic analysis.
Marv bought that press from Morris' estate auction and restored it for use with his engine.
But wondering how he's going to handle the mess Marv is creating makes "The Drop'' worthwhile.
Dwight and Marv try to rescue her from a heavily guarded mansion but her situation is not what it seems.
We agreed: Their real achievement is in actively creating and contributing to, what Marv called, "a winning culture" -- a culture that earnestly challenges conventional investment thinking and encourages and supports the prudent exploration and adoption of new ideas, approaches, and products.
Traditional reverse-transcriptase polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) was negative, and real-time (Taqman) RT-PCR was equivocal; however, nested RT-PCR * confirmed the presence of MARV RNA fragments in the day 10 sample.
Marv Rexius's longtime running coach Cathie Twomey Bellamy said Rexius was a "perfectionist masters runner" with the goal of being the very best he could be.
Marv, 40, and Niki have settled in to their plush home at the Woodland Rise development, which is close to Nairn and Inverness.
Marv traveled to Munich, Germany in 1957 as the second post-doctoral associate of the Nobel Prize-winning chemist Prof.
He and Marv were the connection to the past,'' Carroll said.
She is murdered by loner Kevin (Elijah Wood), who tries to pin the crime on the girl's last trick: hulking bruiser Marv (Mickey Rourke).
Mean Mr Marv is just about the toughest tough guy in the tortured turf known as Sin City.