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MARVMinimum Average Roll Value (textiles)
MARVMarburg Virus
MARVMammoth Armed Reclamation Vehicle (Command & Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath; computer game)
MARVManeuverable Reentry Vehicle
MARVMobile Armored Reconnaissance Vehicle
MARVMars Aerial Research Vehicle
MARVMicroautonomous Robotic Vehicle
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Of 1,431 bats tested, 759 (53.04%) were positive for antibodies against MARV; overall seropositivity ranged from 14.75% in April 2013 to 82.1% in October 2013.
The engine was complete when Marv got it from Morris' estate, but worn.
Detectives Torres (John Ortiz) and Romsey (Elizabeth Rodriguez) investigate and when the police are gone, Chechen thug Chovka (Michael Aronov) arrives with goons in tow, impressing on Marv and Bob the importance of replacing the stolen cash.As the dust settles, a criminal low life called Eric Deeds (Matthias Schoenaerts) visits Bob and claims to be Rocco's owner.
As Marv, Gandolfini points toward a place he might have staked out in crime films had he lived longer: We see the characters who are far from the center of power, men who've missed opportunities real or imagined but are desperate enough to make a final play.
Meanwhile, events take place in the bar, which is no longer the property of cousin Marv, having been taken over forcefully years before by Chechen gangsters.
First, Marv pulps some college boys who have a sick sense of fun.
Marv Fremerman is a Sports Consultant and former handball player who volunteers his time in helping Coach Tommy Burnett at Missouri State University.
For the first time the world's best-selling book, "Gone With the Wind" (and the movie too) are laid bare in the untold story of Marv Gold's novel "Whirlwind".
CEO Marv Schlanger said that these efforts will make for a stronger balance sheet for CEVA, enabling the company to grow faster and better compete in the logistics and supply chain marketplace, as well as give CEVA the flexibility of making additional capex investments.
When I learned of the "Youth" theme permeating this issue, I reached for the phone and called my longtime friend and mentor, Marv Damsma, the retired head of Trust Investment at BP America.
"We'd love to babysit Una's baby and have already put in for those duties," says Marv who releases new JLS album Jukebox today.
Marv the head of the AECOM Director said that they are fully committed to the border station amendment.