MAS90Mittelstands-Anwendungs-System 90 (IBM)
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If this situation were further complicated by the accounts receivable module in question being for a different company, MAS90 would require the user to change company codes as well.
Recently, MAS90 added the Library Master for Windows to address this problem.
On the other hand, MAS90 has created a separate module, Report Master, which is a full-featured report writer that can create custom reports for any accounting module.
Flexibility is a strong theme prevalent throughout the entire MAS90 system.
A final, distinct feature of MAS90 that was distinct was a bank reconciliation module.
An area that MAS90 has not attempted to touch, however, is that of international currency.
Both ACCPAC Plus DynaView and MAS90 F9 provide the user with the ability to dynamically link accounting data to spreadsheets and databases.
RedTail and Blytheco worked closely to design and develop a tightly integrated solution that reduces the time and effort required for our MAS90 and MAS200 EDI customers to process their EDI transactions.
Vineyardsoft Corporation, developer of the award-winning KnowledgeSync Active Alerts(TM) software application, and Millennium Business Solutions Group (MBSG), a top 25 full service consulting firm and Best Software Premiere Partner, today announced a partnership enabling MBSG to provide the KnowledgeSync Business Alerting software as a pre-configured solution for users of Best Software's MAS90 and MAS200 financial software systems.
Addressing the issues of database compatibility, performance, and flexibility, KnowledgeSync for MAS Financials also includes MAS-specific customizations that enable KnowledgeSync to optimize its processing for both the Providex and Microsoft SQLServer database versions of the MAS90 and MAS200 product lines.
Whether it's the auto-generation and delivery of Order Confirmations in PDF format, or configuring custom events against a Providex database, KnowledgeSync is a uniquely robust and reliable Alerting Platform that is a perfect fit for MAS90 and MAS200 clients.
KnowledgeSync for MAS Financials works with MAS90, MAS200, and MAS500, as well as with other Best Software financial applications, and with Best Software's SalesLogix solution.