MAS90Mittelstands-Anwendungs-System 90 (IBM)
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Recently, MAS90 added the Library Master for Windows to address this problem.
On the other hand, MAS90 has created a separate module, Report Master, which is a full-featured report writer that can create custom reports for any accounting module.
Flexibility is a strong theme prevalent throughout the entire MAS90 system.
A final, distinct feature of MAS90 that was distinct was a bank reconciliation module.
An area that MAS90 has not attempted to touch, however, is that of international currency.
MBSG has certified consultants for business management software such as MAS90, MAS200, QuickBooks, QuickBooks Enterprise, Fishbowl Inventory, Peachtree, Simply Accounting and others.
is to traditional multi-carrier software what QuickBooks is to Mas90."