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MASCMember, Associated Stress Consultants (UK)
MASCMammary Analogue Secretory Carcinoma (gland tumor)
MASCManuscripts, Archives, and Special Collections (various libraries)
MASCMulticast Address-Set Claim (protocol)
MASCMitsubishi Active Stability Control
MASCMulticast Address Set Claim
MASCMas Controller
MASCManitoba Agricultural Services Corporation (Canada)
MASCMunicipal Association of South Carolina
MASCMaster of Applied Science
MASCMultidimensional Anxiety Scale for Children
MASCMulti-Angle Snowflake Camera
MASCMount Alexander Shire Council (Australia)
MASCMid-Atlantic Song Contest (Songwriters' Association of Washington)
MASCMassachusetts Association of School Committees
MASCMaking a Significant Change (various organizations)
MASCMedical Arts Surgery Center (Miami, Florida)
MASCMaryland Association of Student Councils
MASCMultinational Arabidopsis Steering Committee (molecular biology)
MASCMassachusetts Association of Student Councils
MASCMid Atlantic Safety Council (North Carolina and South Carolina)
MASCMultiple-Award Schedule Contract
MASCMichigan Association of Student Councils (Lansing, Michigan)
MASCMedical Academic Staff Committee (British Medical Association; UK)
MASCMultipotent Adult Stem Cell
MASCMaster of Arts in School Counseling
MASCMyomer Accelerator Signal Circuitry (Mechwarrior Universe games)
MASCMyotube-Associated Specificity Component
MASCMatsushita Avionics Systems Corporation
MASCMichigan Association of Senior Centers
MASCMultiple Access Source Code
MASCMaximum Allowable Stack Concentration
MASCMission and Safety Critical
MASCMarine Aquarium Society of Colorado (web forum)
MASCModeling Analysis & Simulation Center
MASCMarine Air Ground Task Force Automated Service Center
MASCMaintenance and Support Concept
MASCMarconi Advanced Scrambler
MASCMultiarray Signal Conditioner
MASCMultiple-Antenna Signal Constellation
MASCMaintenance Support Concept
MASCMassachusetts Avenue Surgery Center (Bethesda, MD)
MASCMichigan Association of Service Coordinators
MASCMission d'Appui à la Situation de Crise (French: Crisis Situation Support Mission)
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Grossly, MASC is typically a well-circumscribed and unencapsulated tumor with rubbery consistency, gray-white to brown cut surfaces, and a variable cystic component.
Clinical course and outcome: MASC is most often found in the parotid glands, but it may occur in other glands including the minor salivary glands.
DFSA came to this view, even though MASC was of the view that:
In addition, the ETV6-NTRK3 translocation may represent a therapeutic target for MASC in the future, thus also enhancing its potential diagnostic role.
El Poder Judicial de la Federacion en Mexico (8) ha aducido en cuanto a los MASC y la oportunidad a su acceso que se debe garantizar para la solucion alternativa de controversias juridicas y al ser considerado un derecho humano (como por ejemplo, al relacionarse los MASC con el derecho a la tutela judicial); lo anterior, derivado de la diversa interpretacion del segundo parrafo del articulo 17 de la Constitucion Politica de los Estados Unidos Mexicanos, asi como, del 8 de la Convencion Americana sobre Derechos Humanos y 14 del Pacto Internacional de Derechos Civiles y Politicos; con lo que se pueda privilegiar la responsabilidad personal, el respeto y la utilizacion de la negociacion, como forma de comunicacion asistida y alternativa para un desarrollo colectivo y sinergico.
The MASC was administered to 39 children on the first and last days of the program.
The MASC encloses a self-report scale consisting of 39 items with a four point scale (1- Never or almost never true; 2 - Rarely true; 3 - Sometimes true; 4 -Frequently true).
Upon completion of the 8-week program, students in both the intervention group and the control group were asked to complete the posttest MASC.
MASC users pay minimal fixed costs and arc deterred from unnecessary driving because each trip requires reservations and two brief walks.
The MASC is a role-play task in which participants engage in a series of 3-minute conversations with a confederate.
Under the study, BAE and Northrop Grumman will examine mission-system concepts -- particularly in terms of the surveillance radar -- and the risks of integration aboard several platform types, including the EH-101 helicopter and the E-2C Hawkeye, with the objective of defining key program drivers regarding performance, cost, and schedule for the MASC program, formerly known as Future Organic Airborne Early Warning (see "UK AEW Radar Moves," JED, July 1998, p.
Glossary for terms gd = gender MASC = masculine FEM = feminine NEU = neuter NOM = nominative GEN = genitive ACC = accusative VOC = vocative SG = singular PL = plural IC = inflection class