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MASCALMass Casualty
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"In the event of a MASCAL, the BSD and lab work in conjunction as consultants for the walking blood bank," says Kennedy.
A staff-initiated indirect-fire drill drove a battalionwide duty status-whereabouts unknown (DUSTVVUN) drill and ended in a MASCAL exercise executed by C Company.
It's a cheap and practical starting point that can be produced from raw biomass with high yield, Mascal said.
Mascal said that the feedstock for the new process is levulinic acid, which can be produced by chemical processing of materials like straw, corn stalks or even municipal green waste.
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Subsequently, we retrieved and reviewed 12 full reports for possible inclusion (Alaca et al 2002, Bolgla et al 2008, Callaghan et al 2000, Cibulka and Threlkeld-Watkins 2005, Cichanowski et al 2007, Hazneci et al 2005, Ireland et al 2003, Mascal et al 2003, Piva et al 2005, Robinson and Nee 2007, Thomee et al 1995, Tyler et al 2006).
The notification of a MASCAL, mass casualty situation, goes out long before they arrive, allowing us to buy coffee from Green Beans, a sort of downscale Starbucks that's become as common on American military bases as its inspiration is in gentrifying urban cores.
With the local CSH only three blocks away, most casualties in his sector were evacuated there, leaving his company idle unless a mass casualty (MASCAL) incident occurred.
Caroline Mascal, 32, was shopping at her local superstore when she picked up the carton of Ready Brek for sons Oliver, eight, and James, three.
* Conduct an annual FP exercise that includes a mass casualty (MASCAL) exercise.
This is another excellent opportunity for the medic to be a part of the team and train the MP, as well as being able to evaluate their ability to assist him during a mass casualty (MASCAL) situation.