MASCCMultinational Association of Supportive Care in Cancer
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A la luz de la evidencia medica actual se recomienda el uso del modelo MASCC como escala validada para clasificar el riesgo de complicaciones de los pacientes con neutropenia febril.
En agosto de 2004 se publico una validacion prospectiva del metodo MASCC (36) realizada entre noviembre de 2000 y julio de 2002, en la que se incluyeron 80 episodios de neutropenia febril; 58 pacientes fueron clasificados como de bajo riesgo y 22, como de alto riesgo.
Varias organizaciones internacionales y grupos de investigacion han considerado valida la tabla MASCC para identificar y calificar como de alto o bajo riesgo a los pacientes con neutropenia.
NSW Soil MPC SA Agricultural Non-agricultural Soil Tasmania Pollutant land land MPC MASCC As 20 20 20 14 Cd 1 5 3 0.
Antiemetics: An uptodate and the MASCC guidelines applied in clinical practice.
Clark-Snow, RN, BSN, OCN, clinical nurse coordinator and chair of the MASCC Antiemetic Study Group.
MASCC is a unique organization that is multinational (members from 64 countries), multidisciplinary, and focused on research, education, and dissemination of state-of-the-art supportive care.
In 1998 MASCC joined forces with the y International Society of Oral Oncology e (ISOO), an organization that addresses the management of complications arising in oral tissues secondary to cancer and its treatments.
This data was presented in June 2003 at the MASCC 15th International Symposium.
Data from study 99-05, which evaluated the efficacy and safety of Aloxi compared to ondansetron in patients receiving highly emetogenic chemotherapy were presented at the MASCC meeting in a poster session and lunch satellite symposium.
MASCC Satellite Symposium to Highlight Palonosetron Clinical Data
A lunch satellite symposium at MASCC, organized by HELSINN and scheduled for Friday, June 20, will highlight and summarize clinical data from three pivotal phase III trials of palonosetron.