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The former Dinosaur Jr frontman produced and played just about everything on the album, and Mascis' voice has rarely sounded sweeter.
White-haired, bespectacled J Mascis sticks to doing what he does best, whether croaking away into the mic or soloing in his inimitable guitar-shredding style.
Mascis and bassist Lou Barlow, were collaborating as Dinosaur Jr.
Thereafter, he formed other bands, including supergroup The Wylde Rattz - comprising of Dinosaur Jr.'s J Mascis, Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore and Mudhoney's Mark Arm.
For the chronic stimulation study, initial injuries were made with a New York University MASCIS (Multicenter Animal Spinal Cord Injury Study) impactor at segment T8.
Think often comes across like a more youthful J Mascis at work, the careening riffs and soloing of songs such as No Romantics offering plenty in the way of decibels while not exactly dripping in fun.
Ask anyone who was at the Academy to see J Mascis, his long hair now unapologetically silver-grey, Lou Barlow and Murph Murphy perform at a volume that drowned out any alarm bells going off in your ear drums.
Mascis, recently retired from Washington Mutual Bank F.A.
GIVEN the events of J Mascis' last European tour, it's probably wise for him to do this one with just a couple of guitars, a hatchback and a designated driver.
Multicenter Animal SCI Study (MASCIS):
FRIDAY J MASCIS The Dinosaur Jr frontman is one of the finest guitarists of all time and even without Murph and Lou behind him, is still going to be blowing that lovely roof off St Luke's tonight.