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MASCONMass Concentration (gravity anomalies on the Moon)
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According to the plea agreement, Mascon provided construction services as a subcontractor trader various New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD) contracts between 2005 and 2009.
Earlier, Umer Khan bowled splendidly for Mascon UAE to bowl out Fortune CC for 158.
The mascon gravity anomaly in Figure 6 consists of the well-defined relatively positive 26 mGal anomaly overlying the inferred impact basin.
In Group G league match, Mascon UAE trounced Maklai CC by eight wickets.
The northern bull's eye is associated with the Grimaldi basin, whose 220-km-wide mascon is about the same diameter as the distinct rim that surrounds its central plain of dark lava.
Ebrahim's unbeaten 229, coupled with two half-centuries from Shakoor (82) and Shezhad (97) saw Mascon UAE setting up almost an unreachable target for Arabian CC who crumbled under pressure and were all out for 165 in 17.3 overs.
Neumann and his team interpret an extension of the mascon to the far eastern side of Mare Crisium as the gravity signature of a second, smaller basin with a diameter of 370 km that they dub "Crisium East." This proposed basin has no visible ring structures, but it accounts for the gap in the massive mountains that confine Crisium's mare flows everywhere except on the far eastern margin.
Amjad joined Shakoor after Ebrahim's departure and buttressed Mascon's innings with an unbeaten 65 off 29 balls.
A red ring and blue mascon "bull's-eye" defines a third small basin on which Copernicus later appeared.
Pak Emirates defeated Mascon UAE by five wickets to win the First Hyper Group Cricket Tournament
Hurston draws upon what Stephen Henderson has called mascon imagery - words or phrases that contain "a massive concentration of Black experiential energy .
Umm Al Quwain: Pak Emirates defeated Mascon UAE by five wickets to win the First Hyper Group Cricket Tournament which concluded on Friday.