MASCPMadison Arcatao Sister City Project (Madison, WI and Arcatao, El Salvador)
MASCPMultinational Arabidopsis Steering Subcommittee for Proteomics (molecular biology)
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Reported by: SY Park, MD, MN Nakata, JL Elm, MS, MR Ching-Lee, MPH, R Rajan, MPH, CA Giles, H Hua, PhD, R Kanenaka, MS, MA Ando, MPH, JE Sasaki, MPH, C Le, MA, A Manuzak, MPH, M Wong, MS, Disease Outbreak Control Div, CA Whelan, PhD, R Ueki, R Sciulli, MSc, G Kunimoto, R Lee, MASCP, R Gose, MSPH, State Laboratories Div, Hawaii Dept of Health.
edu); Katherine yon Alt, BA, MASCP, Microbiologist, Bureau of Laboratories, Texas Dept.
L Doyle, MASCP, G Procop, MD, Cleveland GISP Regional Laboratory, Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Cleveland, Ohio.