MASDMontoursville Area School District (Montoursville, PA)
MASDMeyersdale Area School District (Pennsylvania)
MASDMechanicsburg Area School District (Pennsylvania)
MASDMcKeesport Area School District
MASDMoisture-Associated Skin Damage
MASDMohawk Area School District (Pennsylvania)
MASDMercer Area School District (Pennsylvania)
MASDMars Area School District (Pennsylvania)
MASDMukwonago Area School District (Wisconsin)
MASDMilitary Aircraft Storage and Disposition
MASDMilitary Assistance to Stabilisation and Development (UK)
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The treatment variable was coded so a positive effect would represent a higher mean MASD for the treatment group than the comparison group.
Table 5 shows the bivariate correlations between teacher-level predictors and student MASD averaged at the teacher level.
On average, Primarily Math teachers were estimated to have MASD change scores 1.
A few years ago, Tom Home, then superintendent of the Arizona State Department of Education, accused MASD of disseminating "propaganda and an ideology that teaches [students] to resent the United States.
When HB 2281 was passed in May 2010, students staged a protest, and 11 MASD teachers filed a lawsuit against Horne and the state board.
MASD provides year-round sports training and competition through Special Olympics programs for athletes who are mentally disabled.
A panel of judges comprised of business and community leaders helped Humana select MASD from a set of three finalists, with each finalist addressing the improvement of the mind, body or spirit through its work.
MASD is a worldwide leader in the development and manufacturing of high-tech imaging products.
This is the broadest certification a company can receive from an ISO registrar," says Terry Gibson, MASD director of marketing and sales.
2015); thus, it is essential to assess for unique characteristics of IAD that differ from PIs and other MASDs, such as intertriginous dermatitis (skin breakdown resulting from moisture trapped in skin folds) (Idensohn, 2015).