MASDMontoursville Area School District (Montoursville, PA)
MASDMutually Assured Self-Destruction (doctrine)
MASDMeyersdale Area School District (Pennsylvania)
MASDMechanicsburg Area School District (Pennsylvania)
MASDMcKeesport Area School District
MASDMoisture-Associated Skin Damage
MASDMohawk Area School District (Pennsylvania)
MASDMercer Area School District (Pennsylvania)
MASDMars Area School District (Pennsylvania)
MASDMukwonago Area School District (Wisconsin)
MASDMilitary Aircraft Storage and Disposition
MASDMilitary Assistance to Stabilisation and Development (UK)
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Assessment tools for PIs, such as the Norton Scale, do not differentiate IAD (Beeckman et al., 2015); thus, it is essential to assess for unique characteristics of IAD that differ from PIs and other MASDs, such as intertriginous dermatitis (skin breakdown resulting from moisture trapped in skin folds) (Idensohn, 2015).
The treatment variable was coded so a positive effect would represent a higher mean MASD for the treatment group than the comparison group.
Altogether, 10 climatic parameters were analysed; among them no correlations were found of the distribution of the Tilia taxa with the average temperature in July (MTWM), the duration of the frost-free period (FFP), and the mean annual sunshine duration (MASD).
Perspective asupra teoriilor comunicdrii de masd. Translated by Madalina Paxaman and Maria Paxaman.
In June, a dispute broke out between Nasawiya activists and bodyguards for Beirut MP Nadim Gemayel, led by Masd. Gemayel claimed his convoy was attacked, while the activists insisted they were attending a private celebration at the group's headquarters when bodyguards burst in and demanded they stop taking pictures.
Moisture associated skin damage (MASD) is a result of skin damage caused by moisture rather than pressure.
Since the Tucson Unified School District created the Mexican-American Studies Department, or MASD, in the late 1990s, high school students have been able to take two years of La Raza/Mexican-American studies classes in lieu of mainstream courses.
The company's Media Applications Systems Division (MASD) builds upon its more than 50 years as an innovative leader in videotape manufacturing and delivers a broad range of professional tape storage solutions that help deliver enhanced work flow, inspiring creativity and offering reliability.
Hosted by the Mesa Association of Sports for the Disabled (MASD), the weekend will include one-on-one and divisions I and II competitions, socialization, and fun.
Redlake MASD, Inc., 11633 Sorrento Valley Rd., San Diego, CA 92121.