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MASEMath and Science Education (various locations)
MASEMaster of Arts in Special Education (degree)
MASEMicro-Architectural Simulation Environment (computing)
MASEMaster Accredited Systems Engineer
MASEMember of the American Society of Embalmers
MASEMicrowave-Assisted Solvent Extraction
MASEMessage Administration Service Element
MASEMulti-Aegis Site Emulator (flight plan data processing; NATO Programming Centre)
MASEMississippi Alliance of State Employees
MASEMulti-Axis Seat Ejection
MASEMaximum Average Spectral Efficiency
MASEMission Analysis and System Engineering
MASEModified Aft Signal Ejector (US 637/640 Class submarine)
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The MASE concept has previously proven its effectiveness on other aircraft types and has performed very well in several deployments.
[8.] Mase, L.Z., Studi Kehandalan Metode Analisis Likuifaksi Menggunakan SPT Akibat Gempa 8,6 [M.sub.w], 12 September 2007 di Area Pesisir Kota Bengkulu, Jurnal Teknik Sipil, 25(1), 2018, pp.
All subjects were a simple random sampling assigned to 1 of 2 groups, either the TASE group or the MASE group.
Sudeginus sausa mase apie 2-3 h (esant 600 [degrees]C temperaturai) ir pasverus sudeginta meginio mase, nustatomas sausos mases neorganiniu daleliu kiekis ir apskaiciuojamas organiniu daleliu (organines mases) kiekis ([]):
Hilliker Corporation broker Will Aschinger represented the buyer, Mase, LLC and will assist with finding a new tenant for the 1,770-square-foot space.
The Rooftop Solar Project, which is being implemented in its totality by MASE under a turnkey EPC and O&M contract with Jordan's Ministry of Energy & Mineral Resources' Jordan Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency Fund (JREEEF) and Mercy Corps and represents the implementation of an innovative private public partnership model to introduce clean energy solutions on a mass scale, delivering immediate impact.
His visit began with a meeting with representatives of the Multicultural Alliance for a Safe Environment (MASE) and Bluewater Valley Downstream Alliance (BVDA) to discuss ongoing cleanup efforts.
"There's literally nothing to watch at the time it happens," said Robert Mase, project manager for the Dawn mission at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif.
"And when Puffy (Sean Combs) had his dream that top 40 mainstream music would incorporate his artists like Notorious BIG or Mase or himself, I worked with him, shoulder to shoulder, to break down that barrier.
Raymond Mase, Kevin Cobb, trumpets; David Wakefield, horn; Michael Powell, trombone; John D.
Herbalist and author Guido Mase has some wild ideas about health.