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MASERMicrowave Amplification By Stimulated Emission of Radiation
MASERMolecular Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation
MASERMathematics and Science Education Reform (various locations)
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To construct the maser, they placed the two double dots about 6 millimeters apart in a cavity made of a superconducting material, niobium, which requires a temperature near absolute zero, around minus 459 degrees Fahrenheit.
Maser has been charged with reckless endangerment, disorderly conduct and criminal mischief, but the first and third charges may be dropped due to lack of ill intent on William's part.
Maser, who recreates 19th century firearms, told a TV crew he would stop shooting cannons on his property.
Just as the portraits at Maser acquire further power and eloquence precisely because they are not independent but are integrated into larger emotional, rhetorical and spatial contexts, so too do the portraits contained within the artist's religious works.
The machine-shop company where Maser worked, now called L & H Industrial Inc., has expanded to a global operation, with shops spread from South Africa to Canada, serving oil, gas, and mining.
MaSeR Corp., a U.S.-based company with a plant in Barrie, Ontario, Canada, begins its recycling process by running material through a primary shredder that breaks it down into 6-inch chunks, after which large pieces of plastics and steel that do not require further processing are pulled.
The first test observations of a real source -- a maser -- were made in March.
Yet Barbaro's designing of the iconographical program for the Doges Palace ceilings of 155354 and his presumed programming of the sophisticated content of the Villa Maser decorations, offer opportunities for more specific study.
Among the 35 contributors are Orville Camp, Bill Devall, Herb and Susan Hammond, Chris Maser, Arne Naess and Gary Snyder.
Although it is active throughout the year, it is nocturnal and highly secretive (Maser et al., 1981).
The principle of the maser, which produced an intense, coherent, monochromatic beam of microwaves (see 1953), could be applied to any wavelength, including those of visible light.