MASFMobile Aeromedical Staging Facility
MASFMiniature Art Society of Florida
MASFMultivariate Adaptive Statistical Filtering
MASFMaintenance and Storage Facility
MASFMigrant Association of South Florida
MASFModerated Alt.Seduction.Fast
MASFMateriel Acquisition and Sustainment Framework (Australian Department of Defence)
MASFMid Anglia School of Flying (Cambridge, UK)
MASFMilitary Assistance Service Fund/ed
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Chaturvedi P et al (7) had mentioned that the MAS had occurred in 2 to 9% of neonates born through MASF and has a high mortality rate of 40%.
The second atypical serotype reacted with monovalent anti-IV type antisera but not the group-specific antisera, and it agglutinated with MASF B-specific and MASF IV-1 E1037-specific antibodies.
It also reacted with type-specific antibody MASF II and group-specific antibodies MASF Y-5 and MASF 7,8 (online Technical Appendix Table 1).
The MASF is a member of the National Congress of State Games, comprised by nearly 40 states that conduct these events.
After flying into Munich aboard a C-130 Hercules, members of the MASF team loaded their equipment onto some trucks and traveled about 30 minutes to Erding AB, where they set up shop.
Jerry Martinez, who was the second radio operator who deployed as part of the MASF team, accomplished that task on their first attempt.
Once the MASF was set up, the team practiced its patient loading and unloading skills.
While all of this was going on, German civilian medical professionals came in and checked out the operation and were able to ask questions of the entire MASF team.
The MASF team had to unload a C-130, with the engines running, and bring the patients into the MASF and evaluate them within a certain period of time.
Minor semi-final (MSF): Halifax v Sheffield - winner through to MASF, loser goes out.
Week four Grand Final - Warrington (October 2): Winner QSF v winner MASF.