MASGMine Action Support Group
MASGMount Alexander Sustainability Group (Australia)
MASGManagement Academy St Gallen (Switzerland)
MASGMulti-Agency Steering Group
MASGMobile Aggregation Site Gateway (mobile telecommunication networks)
MASGMerseyside AIDS Support Group (Liverpool, UK)
MASGMilitary Airlift Support Group
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To enable the Shire to develop and implement a sustainable energy strategy, the MASG has linked up with CSIRO's Sustainable Communities Initiative (SCI).
This is yet another example of the critical mass gathering within our area and the MASG are to be congratulated on their impetus and driving force.
As today's manufacturers strive to improve their agility and productivity to meet customer demand, their software buying needs have become increasingly complex and system options more fragmented," said Mary Connors, publisher of MASG.
Nelson Happy, MASG President and Board Vice-Chairman, "The company's secured debenture holders declared their notes in default.
Because of the stock sale, MASG no longer has any financial interest in Mooney Airplane Company.
MASGs in the Middle Mile network interconnected with SDH MW or an EMS cloud between base station and PoC).