MASHOModelling Artificial Societies and Hybrid Organizations
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He said some parents in Masho Khel did not want to administer the drops to their children and added doctors also said the children did not get a reaction from the vaccine.
Based on the literature, we determined that a mixed methods approach would be more reflective of what mothers are currently sharing about their experiences anecdotally and in qualitative studies (Barbosa, Masho, Carlyle, & Mosavel, 2017).
Why deny reality?" said 23-year-old filmmaker Ahmed Abu Naser, who, like his twin and artistic partner Mohammed, helped Muzzayen with Masho Matook.
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His latest is an EP called Masho Fe Lan Star (Mash It Upstairs).
7s fishaan abiyoola yaa yi diil da su, shii nee sai aka ce to, [[lookaci yaa yi kusa].sub.3] shaba mbaakir bukura, hinna buwassjlan da, xataas jo xammoohum masho sabbo difeens, [[a wajan].sub.4]
The Masho Khel resident, paid a fixed monthly salary of Rs15,000, had been delegated the unenviable responsibility of tracking militant movements in the then restive area.
During the course of interrogation, the nabbed persons revealed that the weapons were being transported for alleged weapon smuggler Pervez, a resident of Masho Khail.
PESHAWAR -- Deputy Commissioner Peshawar has under section 144 Cr.P.C imposed ban on Ariel Firing, PigeonKite flying around the PAF airfield Villages Badaber, Masho Khel, Shahab Khel, Suleman Khel, Sheikhmohammadi, Landi Akhun Ahmad, Abdara, Pawakka and Tehkal Areas.
PESHAWAR -- The Deputy Commissioner Riaz Khan Mehsud on Friday imposed section 144 imposing ban on ariel firing, pigeon and kite flying around the airfield in areas of village Badhaber, Masho Khel, Shahab Khel, Suleman Khel, Sheikh Mohammadi, Landi Akhun Ahmad, Abdara, Pawakka and Tehkal Areas here.