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MASINTMeasurement and Signatures Intelligence
MASINTMeasurement and Signal Intelligence
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The capabilities of MASINT sensors are not marketed well in the Air Force, let alone across the DOD and government.
We support customers in the Office of the Secretary of Defense, USAF, USN, Joint Commands, Defense HUMINT Service, Central MASINT Office, DARPA and NASA.
As mentioned, MASINT is one of the seven disciplines into which military intelligence can be sub-divided.
Breakout tracks concentrated on maritime domain awareness; open source GEOINT in the 21st century; GEOINT insight and influence through functional management; interoperability, standards and architecture; DI2E challenges; emerging sensors and platforms; warfighter feedback; multi-INT integration; information sharing challenges, GEOINT and MASINT operations other than war; mastering the human domain; and cyber-location nexus.
Additionally, the MIB(T) can offer RAF units intelligence discipline-specific expertise (GEOINT, CI, HUMINT, SIGINT, MASINT, OSINT, TECHINT), informed by in- theater experience and lessons learned.
The Intelligence Committee provides a forum for industry and government to address global awareness, persistent ISR, intelligence collection and analysis, MASINT programs and delivery systems, SIGINT and imagery (video) collection and dissemination, INTEL Fusion Centers, and actionable intelligence.
Should MASINT also have a single national manager, and, if so, which agency should assume the lead role?
The Third Annual MASINT Conference, "MASINT--Providing Solutions to Today's and Tomorrow's Needs," is scheduled for February 1-3, 2005, in the Jimmie Hill Conference Center at the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO), Chantilly, VA.
It discusses the six MASINT technical data sources, what each provides, and how data is collected from them.
Thales Communications provides Joint, Army, Navy, Air Force, and Government security agencies with the most advanced integrated C4ISR solutions to guarantee information dominance for both Homeland Defence and Out-Of-Area-Operations: Multi-source intelligence gathering, analysis and presentation (COMINT, ELINT, MASINT, IMINT, OSINT and HUMINT); Data fusion and intelligence dissemination tools; Operational information systems and CCIS, with targeting capabilities; and Offensive EW, information and telecommunications systems.
CACI's acquisition of ASR complements and strengthens its existing capabilities, demonstrated performance, and mission execution in the expanding MASINT and GEOINT arenas.
This includes up to 24x7 intelligence operations, reach back advanced data exploitation support, and cutting-edge GEOINT and MASINT Research and Development (R&D) for NASIC and mission partners throughout the Department of Defense and Intelligence communities.