MASIRMeasuring Antigen-Specific Immune Responses (conference)
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An Amber Alert had been issued for Legend Masir Goodwine alleged abduction.
Broadly speaking, Shari'ah law dictates the exclusion of things it finds objectionable, like "riba" (interest), prohibition of Masir (intoxicants), "Qimar"/"maysir" (gambling) and "gharar" (uncertainty).
Mir Ghulam Muhammad Ghubar, Afghanistan dar Masir e Tarikh [Afghanistan through History] (Qum: Piam e Mahajer, Iran, 1981), p.9.
The MoU was signed by Suhail Bin Tarraf, GM, Human Resources at Emirates NBD and Dr Masir Saeed Al Ameri, major administrative, National Coordinator/Unesco, National Commission for Unesco, Ministry of Education - UAE, at a ceremony held at the Training and Development Centre of Emirates NBD.
KABUL (PAN): Masir, 21, was buying a Valentine's Day gift for his girlfriend at a Kabul shopping centre when a suicide bomber struck, killing two guards and injuring two others.
The 'Masir Macunu Festival' is still held every year,
Salameh accused Haifa of stealing the rhythm of the song "Masir Ya Awal Noor Fe Al Donia Shaq Thalam Al Lail" (Egypt you are the first to in the world to be a light through darkness) that he composed, demanding that the singer is banned from performing in Egypt until the case is settled.
under dhikr masir Sulayman Shah ila Hamadan wa qatlihu, p.
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The fruit, which ripens in the months of kartik and masir, can also be boiled and eaten.