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MASISManagement & Scientific Information System
MASISMaterial Acquisition and Support Information System (Canada)
MASISMonitor and Science Instrument Simulator
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We realized we didn't like to entertain groups of people, because they were louder,'' Paul Masi said.
Kazuya Doi, general manager of MASIS Center, said "We are excited by the prospect of building together with Dynamic Information a truly competitive document delivery service that will not only meet clients' document needs, but will anticipate and satisfy such needs.
The Masis-2 bridge has also been reconstructed which links from the Masis rural community to the Arable lands.
petrol cisterns, 11 cargo cars and 2 cars with railway sleepers was on the way to Masis from Gyumri.
Este centro di alumnos que, en aquellos dias, fueron admirados en otros paises: Carlos Masis, Eladio Miranda, Jose Rafael Ochoa, Jorge Jimenez, Ligia Castro, Gioconda Repetto, Carmen Blanco, Flor Acuna, .
Chaired by IoDC President Evdokimos Xenophontos, the lead panel included Petros Florides, Regional Governance Adviser for World Vision, and Masis der Parthogh, the publisher and editor of .
Estos datos concuerdan con los de Masis y Lezama (1991), Kearns (1992) y Struck (1994); los que senalan a sirfidos, muscoideos (seccion Calyptratae, basicamente Tachinidae, Muscidae, Calliphoridae, Anthomyiidae y Sarcophagidae) y bombilidos como los grupos de Diptera predominantes.
A county hearing officer continued the case until July 10 so the sides can negotiate a compromise, county planner Maria Masis said.
The Ministers made an experimental tour to the Masis station accompanied by Mr.
Today "Rastelecom" net was launched in Dilijan, Sevan, Masis and Artashat towns and in the Nor
Albertson's officials told commissioners Wednesday they didn't need more time, but the hearing was rescheduled anyway, county regional planning assistant Maria Masis said.
Alex Textile has acquired about 50 thousand meter-wide premises in Masis town, which will host a cotton wire mill.