MASJMarine Acoustics Society of Japan (est. 1973)
MASJMulticultural Association of Saint John, Inc. (Canada)
MASJMedical Advocates for Social Justice
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Of course, with the market being predominantly female, the spotlight is on the 11 MASJ representatives who will be sharing their Serendipity Journeys with the public.
" In September, the Philippines will be hosting the MASJ Soiree, bringing together the 11 women who have experienced their own Serendipity Journeys, with the objective of spreading the word about self-love through self-care and the positive effects their personal Journeys on their confidence, well-being and outlook.
" The MASJ campaign is in the tradition of Merz's philosophy of "Look Better.
We hope in the future people with realize that this time was the point when beauty had changed, when people realized that beauty is not only for celebrities or that involves a very expensive surgical process it is something that is inside you, but you can do something on the external to enhance the journey." It all comes down to what ever we choose and are comfortable with, and that, ultimately, is what MASJ wants us to know: your face, your choice, your journey.
An all-around wife, mother, stylist, interior designer, TV host, and online personality, Antonio is a perfect pick for the MASJ Squad.
Antonio does admit that being proud of enhancing her beauty, a core of every MASJ ambassador's story, isn't an easy thing to do.
With the MASJ campaign, Antonio hopes that women will start sharing their journey, how it has given them confidence, or how, like as they have done for Antonio, the treatments can make them feel better about themselves.
"We want MASJ to turn negative into positive, encourage people, and the MASJ Squad helps identify someone going through something similar."
Instead of highlighting a woman's imperfections, MASJ is about working to provide solutions.
According to Chris Leong, the woman behind the regional marketing wheels of MASJ, while medical aesthetics is growing, not enough people are sharing about the various ways they make themselves look and feel better.