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Rosario said an intelligence report indicated that Masla is a BIFF member, an allegation Masla denied.
Another report said the Masla family was a victim of an Army mortar attack.
Masla's husband, Alimoden, and 10-year-old son, Edwin, were injured in the blast.
The school's 8th century founder Malik ibn Anas argued that it was permissible (masmu) for members of a given community to pledge allegiance to the lesser of two qualified individuals if it was deemed to be in the public's interest (masla a) even though "the normal rule requires that allegiance only be given to the most qualified candidate." (1) To be sure, being a jihadi usually entails being a Salafi, and one of the fundamental distinctions of Salafi Islam is the rejection of the uncontested authority of the four Sunni madhahib and blind adherence to them, thus, groups offering the bay'a to the Islamic State are not constrained by Maliki interpretations of shari'a.
Masla Mosque is the first mosque in built in western Medina and it is the closest mosque to Al-Masjid AlNabawi.
What is our problem we can't speak (Hum sub kay saath yeh masla hoota hai.) we all face the same problem.
Management consultant Basma Bint Masla Ameer said many Saudi women are unemployed.
I really like the chicken teeka masla," he drawled before heading off to plate up more delectable creations in the open kitchen.
When Martin Montoya replaced Dani Alves against Levante, the 11 players on the field were all graduates of their La Masla academy.
Sin duda que nadie me disputara en America Latina la triste gloria de Haber ajado masla presuncion, el orgullo y la inmoralidad hispanoamericana, persuadido de que menos en las instituciones que em las ideas y los sentimientos nacionales, es preciso obrar en America Latina una profunda revolucion [...] De ahi tambien el doble remedio indicado com igual anticipacion, emigracion europea y educacion popular [...] (SARMIENTO 2001, p.
According to the chairman of the Libyan National Oil Corporation in Benghazi Wahid Bou Ghasis, production and oil exports from the Masla and Srir fields will be suspended for at least one month, until the damage from the bombardment is assessed.