MASLEMachine-Aided Spoken Language Evaluation (project; Japan)
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He was Des Roches le Masle, canon of Notre Dame, who had formerly been valet of a bishop, who introduced him to his Eminence as a perfectly devout man.
O sincronismo de desenvolvimento dos afilhos com o colmo principal foi calculado seguindo o padrao de desenvolvimento do colmo principal e dos afilhos descrito por MASLE (1985).
(54) Plato, 1559, 41v (192b): "Et ce pendant qu'ilz sont enfans comme particules du masle, ayment les hommes, & prennent plaisir a conuerser auec eux.
Our study, and those of Jonard and Koller (1951) and Masle (1985), show that grain yield potential was at least 6 Mg [ha.sup.-1] in France 50 yr ago, i.e., four times higher than the national yield at that time.
SALEM Oregon AELMS (pl of Danish aelm, OED elm), ALEMS (ST: pl of OED alem), ALMES (OED), AMELS (DF: pl of OED amel), AMSEL (OED), ELAMS (OED helm 1862q), ELMAS (Elmas, Sardinia OED overfly 1946q), ESMAL (OED amal), LAEMS (pl of laem, OED loam), LAMES (to lame), LEAMS (plural OED), LEMAS (ST: pl of OED lema), LEMSA (Lemsa, village near Tangier, OED fonduk 1891q), MAELS (ST: pl of OED mael), MALES, MASEL (OED), MASLE (OED male), MEALS, MELAS (Melas, Turkish rug, Web2), MELSA (Melsa OED rood 1396q), MESAL (OED), SALME (OED), SAMEL (OED), SAMLE (OED sam), SEALM (OED psalm), SELAM (OED), SELMA (Selma, Alabama CGNA), SEMAL (OED), SMAEL (OED small), SMALE (Smale, Monroe Co, Arkansas CGNA, or OED small), SMEAL (OED small).
A common consequence of high strength in coalesced soils, even at water contents near field capacity, is restricted root growth and diminished crop productivity (Cockroft and Martin 1981; Masle and Passioura 1987; Cockroft and Olsson 2000).
A collection of anecdotes related to Shaikh Farid, which Walia has not attributed to Miharban, has been published by Sant Indar Singh "Chakravarti," ed., Masle Shekh Pharid ke (Patiala: Bhasha Vibhag, 1962).
Masle (unpublished manuscript) as described in detail in Roden and Ball (1996) was used to determine total nonstructural carbohydrates in the foliage.