MASLIMember of the Association of Sign Language Interpreters (UK)
MASLIMasyarakat Akuntansi Sumberdaya Alam Dan Lingkungan Indonesia (Indonesian: Indonesian Society of Natural Resources and Environmental Accounting)
MASLIMath and Science Leadership Initiative (Illinois)
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By using Tobin's q, which has been widely used to represent the market expectations of future firm performance, we can capture and represent IT's contribution to intangible value (Bharadwaj et al., 1999; Lim et al., 2012; Masli et al., 2011).
According to the report, 20 kinds of best dates which are being produced in Oman include Nahal, Khasab, Fardh, Khanizi, Khalas Al Dhahira, Madluki, Barni, Abu Daan, Zabd, Abu Naranjah, Masli, Jabri, Handhal, Suwaih, Barshi, Qash Abyadh, Tabaq, Abu Maan, Hilali Al Hassa and Baql.
Recent public awareness programmes, for example a one-day campaign on life without fuel subsidies was held on 24 May 2010 to educate people on energy conservation and the high costs of subsidies, are possible signs that subsidies will inevitably be reduced in scale and scope, if not eliminated completely (Masli 2010; Shahminan 2011).
Masli, "Conjunctival inflammation in thrombospondin-1 deficient mouse model of Sjogren's syndrome," PLoS One, vol.
Masli, Sanchez & Smith (2009) find that information technology (IT) expenses are associated with higher ratios of equity compensation.
"Using the Internal Audit Function as a Management Training Ground: Is the Monitoring Effectiveness of Internal Auditors Compromised?" studied the relationship between the use of the rotational staffing model and the monitoring ability of the internal audit function, as measured by two organizational factors: 1) the risk that the financial results presented in the financial statements contained misleading or fraudulent representations, and 2) executive compensation (Margaret Christ, Adi Masli, Nathan Sharp, and David Wood, working paper, Brigham Young University, 2013).
Balika Ashram-cum-Children Home at Mashobra, Shimla district, Bal Ashram-cum-Children Home at Masli, Shimla district and Children Home at Sunder Nagar, Mandi district.
Iran's official news agency (IRNA) quoted Ibrahim Masli, the Director
(3) Collins, Masli, Reitinga, and Sanchez (2009) find evidence of an ex post settling up process in that former CEOs from firms that restated their earnings after the passage of SOX found it more difficult to find employment.