MASOMalaysian Association for the Study of Obesity
MASOManagement Analysis and Services Office (US CDC; Atlanta, GA)
MASOMexican American Student Organization
MASOMunitions Accountable Systems Officer
MASOMunition Accountable Supply Officer
MASOModel and Analysis Support Office (US DoD)
MASOMale Accessory Sex Organ
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He said today a woman patient of AIDS also died in this locality of Maso Bhurgri.
The public is warned against flooding, flashfloods, and landslides,' Maso said.
The next Henry Maso Award will be awarded in 2020 when the IFSCC Congress will be held in Yokohama, Japan.
The Mirpur Mathelo police along with help of navy man recovered body of boy from RD-31 of Maso canal near Khanpur Mahar.
The Ombudsman's office under then Aniano Desierto dismissed in 2002 for supposed lack of evidence the complaint against Alvarez and other MIAA and NAIA officials, an action that MASO had questioned before the SC.
'We are not unmindful of the fact that this complaint was initiated by the Maso, but we, the people, are no less interested in its just resolution.
Dal Maso is keen to keep coaching at the highest levels despite recently revealing he suffers from Parkinson's disease.
Maso said this has translated into an active community.
Carole Maso has written ten books over the past two decades, and Mother & Child is the seventh of her novels.
With CED Chair Jacquelyn Johnson, council woman of East Orange, N.J., presiding, the meeting opened with a welcome from host city Mayor Maher Maso. According to the Census, Frisco is the fastest growing city in the United States.
RHYS DAVIES is planning the ultimate Boston tee party if American caddie Mark Maso can help him bag the US Open crown this week.
Philippe Maso, chief executive of AXA Insurance, said the cuts were a "necessary step towards profitability".