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MASRMaster at Arms Seaman Recruit (US Navy)
MASRMicroarray Shared Resource (Ohio State University)
MASRMultiple Antenna Surveillance Radar
MASRmyelin-associated SUR4 protein
MASRMiniature Airborne/Spaceborne Reconnaissance (Data Link)
MASRMid-South Adaptive Sports and Recreation (Cordova, TN)
MASRMaster of Applied Social Research (Deakin University; Australia)
MASRMedial Antebrachial Sensory Response
MASRMothers Against Street Racing
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Following his move to Al Masr, Nyakeya is now ineligible to participate in the upcoming first round Africa Nations Championship (Chan) qualifiers against Tanzania despite being named in Sebastien Migne's squad.
Cima Masr plans to screen eight to10 locally produced films funded through the campaign.
In addition, the expression of MasR was evaluated by western blot and immunohistochemistry (Figure 9).
In case you didn't know, Studio Masr was a leading Egyptian movie-production studio in the golden era of the Egyptian cinema!.
The reality show to find the Arabic singing sensation with the 'x factor' airs on MBC4 and MBC MASR.
Mayada Ashraf, who worked for privately owned Al-Dustour newspaper and freelanced for news website Masr Alarabia, was shot in the head while covering clashes in the northern neighborhood of Ein Shams, a security official told Agence France-Presse (AFP).
"Nous exhortons donc les citoyens a ne pas faire cela", a-t-il ajoute dans une interview diffusee par la radio publique Masr. Ces pratiques accentuent en outre les problemes d'approvisionnement des stations-services.
Mohammed Mursi, Saturday received the Minister of the Foreign Affairs, Ali Ahmed Karti and the accompanying delegation at the premises of the Egyptian Presidential Palace in the Masr al-Jadidah area.
Al-Qaeda militants in southern Yemen have begun to harass women who do not wear the veil with Bikya Masr reporting on one instance of physical abuse as militants forced a woman to don the full face veil in Aden.
Bishop Youhanna Golta of the Coptic Catholic Patriarchate in Cairo told the Egyptian TV program Masr al-Jadida that Christians would ask moderate Muslims to help stop the reintroduction of the discriminatory tax and would refuse to pay it.
The conference was attended by Dr Alaa Idris, representing Masr el-Kheir Foundation, that is financing the research on the Egyptian side.