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MASSIVEMath and Science Song Information Viewable Everywhere (database)
MASSIVEModel Architecture and System for Spatial Interaction in Virtual Environments (virtual reality technology)
MASSIVEMultiple Agent Simulation System in Virtual Environment
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Deep ditch, single drawbridge, massive stone walls, eight great towers, cannon, muskets, fire and smoke.
There are in every part of the valley a great many of these massive stone foundations which have no houses upon them.
At the bottom the masonry rested upon a massive block measuring thirty feet in thickness, while on the upper portion it was level with the surrounding soil.
That same afternoon, the massive gray square tower of an old Cathedral rises before the sight of a jaded traveller.
It was a massive pile, surmounted by an enormous dome.
Alexey Alexandrovitch ordered tea to be brought to the study, and playing with the massive paper-knife, he moved to his easy chair, near which there had been placed ready for him a lamp and the French work on Egyptian hieroglyphics that he had begun.
The massive lady told the three children sharply to look at their picture-book.
Upon a massive bench of polished ersite beneath the gorgeous blooms of a giant pimalia a woman sat.
I feel how vivid an impression I must have produced to have been painted in such strong, such rich, such massive colours as these.
Herbert said from behind (again poking me), "massive and concrete." So I said boldly, as if I had originated it, and must beg to insist upon it, "massive and concrete."
To experiment with my new-found toy I thought to surprise him into revealing this combination and so I asked him in a casual manner how he had managed to unlock the massive doors for me from the inner chambers of the building.
At length after a journey of nearly an hour, the carriage stopped before an iron gate, which closed an avenue leading to a castle severe in form, massive, and isolated.