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MASTMultimission Archive At STSCI
MASTMichigan Alcoholism Screening Test
MASTManitoba Association of School Trustees
MASTMilitary Anti-Shock Trousers
MASTMotif Alignment and Search Tool
MASTMedical Anti-Shock Trousers
MASTMetropolitan Ambulance Services Trust
MASTMulti-Agency Support Team (UK)
MASTMassachusetts Association of Science Teachers
MASTMaritime and Science Technology High School
MASTMega Ampere Spherical Tokamak (UK; nuclear fusion experiment)
MASTMobile Ashore Support Terminal
MASTMembrane Applied Science and Technology Center (University of Colorado at Boulder and University of Cincinnati)
MASTMulti-Application Sonar Trainer
MASTMedia Arts, Science, and Technology
MASTMilitary Assistance to Safety & Traffic (US Army MEDEVAC civilian assistance)
MASTMarine and Science Technology
MASTMetro All-Star Scratch Tour
MASTMagnetic Annular Shock Tube
MASTMaintenance Standardization Team
MASTMILSTAR Advanced Satellite Terminal
MASTMission Avionics Systems Trainer
MASTModeling And Simulation Team
MASTMajor Airframe Static Test
MASTMissile Automatic Supply Technique
MASTMulti-Int Analysis Software Toolset
MASTMeteorological Automated Sensors and Transceiver
MASTMICAP Automated Status Tracking
MASTMaritime Analysis Support Team (US Coast Guard)
MASTMicrocomputer Authoring System Trainer
MASTMobile Army Surgical Team
MASTMaryland Advanced Speakers Toastmasters
MASTMaintenance Standardisation Teams (Europe)
MASTMonopulse Anti-Sidelobe Technique
MASTMobile Acoustic Spatial Target
MASTMedical Augmentation Support Team
MASTMadison Area Scratch Tour
MASTMarine Atmosphere Science and Technology
MASTManaged Auction Services of Texas (Spring, TX)
MASTMaximum Allowable Stem Torque (ball valves)
MASTMathematics and Science Teacher (various schools)
MASTMean Annual Soil Temperature
MASTMandatory Alcohol Server Training (Washington state Liquor Control Board)
MASTManagement and Supervisory Training (program)
MASTMarine Academy of Science and Technology
MASTMarine Science and Technology
MASTMaritime Archeology Survey Techniques
MASTMediterranean Association of Sustainable Tourism
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I cut no more than was necessary, and what with passing the long ropes under and around the booms and masts, of unreeving the halyards and sheets, of coiling down in the boat and uncoiling in order to pass through another knot in the bight, I was soon wet to the skin.
Why, I'm getting everything ready for re-stepping the masts," I replied easily, as though it were the simplest project imaginable.
Then I stopped the ears of all my men, and they bound me hands and feet to the mast as I stood upright on the cross piece; but they went on rowing themselves.
We did not get on much further, for in another moment we were caught by a terrific squall from the West that snapped the forestays of the mast so that it fell aft, while all the ship's gear tumbled about at the bottom of the vessel.
I stuck to the ship till the sea knocked her sides from her keel (which drifted about by itself) and struck the mast out of her in the direction of the keel; but there was a backstay of stout ox-thong still hanging about it, and with this I lashed the mast and keel together, and getting astride of them was carried wherever the winds chose to take me.
I could not plant my feet anywhere so as to stand securely, for the roots were a long way off and the boughs that overshadowed the whole pool were too high, too vast, and too far apart for me to reach them; so I hung patiently on, waiting till the pool should discharge my mast and raft again--and a very long while it seemed.
The tall masts are the pillars supporting the balanced planes that, motionless and silent, catch from the air the ship's motive-power, as it were a gift from Heaven vouchsafed to the audacity of man; and it is the ship's tall spars, stripped and shorn of their white glory, that incline themselves before the anger of the clouded heaven.
The mast, also known as the ITA Tower, collapsed at 5.
Mast cells are specialized immune cells that play an important role not only in these conditions but also in other diseases such as mastocytosis, a hematologic disease involving an increased number of mast cells.
5860 of a share of Mast common stock as adjusted for the reverse stock split being affected immediately prior to the closing of the merger (which equates to 41.
Special staining of the sections was done with toluidine blue (1%) that stains the background pale blue and mast cells purple in color and examined under high-power magnification.
Earlier this year the US Navy installed a new stealthy periscope onboard one of its 'Virginia' class nuclear-powered attack submarines (SSNs) based on L-3 Communications' Block 4 Low-Profile Photonics Mast (LPPM).