MASTIFMulti Axis Space Test Inertia Facility
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If such a one is necessary there he is, however.— Here, Brave—Brave——my noble Brave!” The huge mastif that has been already mentioned, appeared from his kennel, gaping and stretching himself with pampered laziness; but as his mistress again called:
German Shepherd and Labrador remained on top in the best junior in show category, while German Shepherd, Husky and Mastif breeds were declared as the best in the overall category.
TAME 18-month-old Lola was a French Mastif SHOCK DISCOVERY Niall Kilpatrick from Omagh, Co Tyrone, whose dog was killed at the weekend
Gujrat One (Mazdahar-She Mastif), a very talented daughter of sire Mazdahar with an irish bearing from parentage won the 1000 Guineas of Pakistan Classic to land a big surprise and the first big win for the sire.
They are good for providing quick transportation but do not offer the same protection against bomb blasts as the better-armoured Mastif.
I'm a three-year-old cross Staffy Mastif, vaccs and spayed, lovely with children."
Henderson had been told by the RSPCA to start feeding her Bull Mastif.
Thomasina said: "I've had all sorts of dogs from Borzois to Mastifs. It's coming up to nearly 30 dogs, with some for just a short period."