MASTORMultilingual Automatic Speech to Speech Translator
MASTORMultilingual Automatic Speech-To-Speech Translator (IBM)
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On this pale fear laid hold of them, and old Halitherses, son of Mastor, rose to speak, for he was the only man among them who knew both past and future; so he spoke to them plainly and in all honesty, saying,
Ajax shook with rage and said to his brother, "Teucer, my good fellow, our trusty comrade the son of Mastor has fallen, he came to live with us from Cythera and whom we honoured as much as our own parents.
NEW DELHI: Mansoor Ali Mastor's quiet demeanor hides the fire inside.
Mastor represented his party at the meeting of the Sudan Call alliance in Paris in mi-March.
Mastor said the ministry had allocated funds for 500 development projects this year and work on some of them had been launched.
Group 2: ava, kudo/kudu, vel'e, osos/osos, mastor, pit'nej/pit'nij.
Both Iraqcomm and MASTOR integrate automatic speech recognition, machine translation, natural language understanding, and text-to-speech synthesis technologies.
Speaker: John Mastor, Baker Hughes Drilling Fluids As the HDD industry evolves, the importance of proper mud mixing and cleaning has grown significantly.
Developed by IBM Research, supplied and supported by IBM's Technology Collaboration Solutions group, the Multilingual Automatic Speech-to-Speech Translator software--dubbed "MASTOR"--will initially be deployed on 35 ruggedized laptops to various Department of Defense components including the Army Medical Department, U.S.
The bidirectional English to Arabic translation software, dubbed MASTOR or Multilingual Automatic Speech-to-Speech Translator, is designed to improve communication between military personnel and Iraqi forces and citizens.
IBM said the Multilingual Automatic Speech-to-Speech Translator (MASTOR) software and microphone will be installed on 35 laptops.