MASTORMultilingual Automatic Speech to Speech Translator
MASTORMultilingual Automatic Speech-To-Speech Translator (IBM)
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In developing MASTOR, which started in 2001, IBM did a lot of work to effectively mitigate the impact of speech recognition errors and non-grammatical inputs common in conversational speech.
MASTOR offers users the ability to have a free-form conversation without having to memorize any pre-determined phrases.
These military units will, in turn, use MASTOR to facilitate military and medical-oriented conversations with members of the Iraqi security forces, in hospital settings, and during daily interactions with Iraqi citizens.
MASTOR offers a database of around 100,000 Iraqi Arabic words and 50,000 English words and searches the library to compile sentences in real time, with a text version of conversations made available for download.
So, even though IBM says it has some work to do before MASTOR is ready for prime time, it's still about 150 years ahead of Star Trek.
US insurance and financial services firm USI Holdings Corp said it has finalised the buyout of Rhode Island-based sector player Mastors & Servant Risk Services for an undisclosed amount.
Taking a broad-based view of what constitutes the "al-Qaida network" (including in their definition such organizations as Algeria's Armed Islamic Group), Mastors (US Naval War College) and Deffenbaugh (ManTech International Corporation) aim to explain the motivations and decisions whereby individuals choose to join the network.
Kevin Mortimer had three hits and three RBIs and Peter Mastors and Jim McNamara had two hits apiece for the 13-12 Hilltoppers against 2-8 Tabor in Marion.
The next chapter, "The Psychology of Terrorism", by Elena Mastors provides, as the title suggests, a significant study on the psychological dimension of the terrorist phenomenon, focusing on the motivations and characteristics of terrorists, and the specific stages of their radicalization and recruitment processes.
Por otro lado, la relacion directa entre el RWA y una orientacion politica de derecha resulta coherente si se toma en cuenta que uno de los componentes actitudinales del RWA es el convencionalismo o defensa de las tradiciones (Altemeyer, 1981, 1988, 1998, 2004; Cottam, DietzUhler, Mastors & Preston, 2004; Jost, Glaser, Kruglanski & Sulloway, 2003).
USI Holdings Corporation ("USI"), today announced the closing of the acquisition of Mastors & Servant Risk Services ("Mastors & Servant").