MASVMen Against Sexual Violence (Enola, PA)
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MASV President Janelle Derven said in a phone interview that the organization is keeping many details of the event under wraps to preserve an air of mystery, but she did share a few.
Derven said that MASV wanted to create a celebration for people to express themselves and their sexuality in a safe, consensual space.
On the other hand, the pentavalent As species--[iAs.sup.V], MAsV, and [DMAs.sup.V]--accounted for greater proportions of As in EUC from males.
And hear it again and again they do: '[w]e do not think that men are bad'; '[w]e're not anti-male' (WRC 2006a: 14); 'most men are not violent' (Katz: 7); 'men (as all people) are inherently good' (MASV: 42).
al: 259); men as 'powerful leaders' (CBIM 2005: 4); and men as 'active participants' (MASV: 3).