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MASWAMinneapolis Area Senior Workers Association (Minneapolis, MN)
MASWAMarine Aquarium Society of Western Australia
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Further connections from Shinyanga to Maswa in the northwest and Mikumi to Kidatu in southeastern Tanzania are planned to open soon.
Further connections from Shinyanga to Maswa in the north and Mikumi to Kidatu in southern Tanzania are planned to open shortly.
Further, Al Muntarib and Al Dhahir in wilayat Bidiyah, Sae'et in Dima wal Ta'een and Al Maswa and Al Buhaira in Al Mudhaibi have also been completed.
(44) In 2010 Maswa was divided into Maswa East and Maswa West.
In late February, well-known professional hunter Andre De Kock was murdered by poachers while leading a safari in the Maswa block of northern Tanzania.
The study area in the Serengeti ecologic region in northwestern Tanzania comprised wildlife-protected areas, including the Serengeti National Park (SNP) and adjacent game reserves (Maswa, Ikorongo, and Grumeti).
The statement that was posted on the ministry's website quoted Yemeni coast-guards as saying that the hijack took place on Saturday and the boats and fishermen were taken to the Eritrean port city of Maswa. It added that the pirates released the 60 fishermen on Sunday and deported them on one of the six boats while the remaining five were confiscated.
One woman who tried to do so was the English writer and adventurer Diana Strickland, who drove across northern Africa in 1927-28, from Dakar in the west to Maswa in the east, in her Wolverhampton-built Star motor car.
at 247 (relating similar experience with the villages outside of Kenya's Maswa Game Reserve): id.
It is in northern Tanzania, to the east of Lake Victoria, and consists of the Serengeti National Park, the Maswa Game Reserve, the proposed Grumeti and Ikorongo game reserves, and the Ngorongoro Conservation Area (NCA).
Appalled by the decimation of elephants and rhino in Maswa Game Reserve on the southern edge of Tanzania's Serengeti National Park, Hurt developed a plan to pay villagers living on the outskirts of Maswa for turning in poachers, rifles, and snares, to pay them to work as rangers, and to give the village council a share of his safari revenue for community projects.