MAT6Metropolitan Achievement Test 6
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No signifi- classes: 15 minutes cant difference of health-fitness was noted between activity (high- groups on the intensity aerobic) mathematics or and 15 minutes of a composite basic skill-fitness activity battery scores for a minimum of 3 days per week through the school year (36 weeks) Achievement measures: the Metropolitan Achievement Test (versions MAT6 and MAT7) Dwyer et Sample: N = 519 grade 5 Children in the 14- al (18) (mean age = 10 years) week fitness and students in 7 skill groups Australian schools in exhibited signifi- 1978 cantly greater Design: random assignment changes in positive of students to control teacher-rated or to a 14-week classroom behavior intervention: 3 group (p < .
Packets containing MAT6 standardized tests are sent to Ratz for processing.
In addition, the turn-around period for graded MAT6 tests has decreased from five months to just two weeks--invaluable time that can be used to adjust curricula objectives to meet students' needs.