MATBMulti-Attribute Task Battery (behavioral stimulant)
MATBMontanans Against Toxic Burning
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Amongst takaful operators which have been identified to implement this practice are ETB, TISB, SLTB, MATB and HATSB.
We especially avoid this additional process parameter, in this first article on MATB, and address the field effects and the fluidization regimes.
However, we suggest that such equations are inadequate to the physical situation in MATB since the bed structure is generally heterogeneous.
No further information could be extracted from the present results and this definitively calls more precise future experiments on the minimum spouting conditions in MATB.
* The graphical methods commonly applied to pressure drop hysteresis cycles of non-magnetic beds are valid for "normal" cycles of MATB too, but defines either the onset of MSB or points that do not match the visual detected minimum fluidization or minimum spouting points.
One was a baseline condition, during which the participants merely looked at the static MATB screen.
In the other replication, adaptive aiding was applied such that when the high workload condition was detected by the trained ANN, the MATB task was adapted by "turning off" two of the subtasks.
All four subtasks of the MATB were performed during both the low and high difficulty levels of task demand.
Study participants performed versions of the MATB that varied in difficulty.
The frequency of the forcing function was low in the ML task condition and medium in the HL task condition, according to the MATB program specifications.
In this session participants completed a total of five blocks of the MATB task.