MATCONOFFMaterial Control Officer
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The ESG 3 MATCONOFF procedures were created by this team and distributed via Naval Message, from COMEXSTRIGRU 3 to PELESG, DTG 181630Z NOV 05.
By administering, coordinating, and implementing MATCONOFF procedures, Peleliu Beach Detachment skillfully balanced operational and logistic needs for all five ships assigned to the ESG.
Some lessons learned managing MATCONOFF across three strike groups are provided below:
MATCONOFF should not rely on disseminating information to participating units by OPTASK [operational tasking] supplement only and a basic "how-to" e-mail should be sent out to all units to ensure everyone is in line with the prescribed procedures.
* Requests were sent to both MATCONOFF and Commander, Fleet Air, Western Pacific (CFWP) for LAMPS [Light Airborne Multi-Purpose System] material.
All units that positively receive and transfer UMS material must send real-time information to MATCONOFF to ensure proper tracking of parts.
USS Kitty Hawk (CV 63) was designated as the MATCONOFF during TS05.