MATECMaricopa Advanced Technology Education Center
MATECMidwest AIDS Training and Education Center (University of Illinois at Chicago)
MATECMaschinen & Technik, Inc.
MATECMetropolitan Atlanta Transportation Equity Coalition (Atlanta, GA)
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Investigation of Industrialised Building System Performance in Comparison to Conventional Construction Method, MATEC Web of Conferences, 10: 04001.
MATEC also insisted that MARTA's decision to raise its fares would have a negative, disproportionate, and discriminatory effect on and would cause irreparable harm to the system's people of color, as over 75% of MARTA's riders are African American, transit-dependent riders.
Students who were selected into the original MATEC program were in danger of not completing school; their reading and computation skills were poor.
The MATEC award recognizes key industry personnel for outstanding contributions toward promoting technology education and career awareness.
In Brazil, Damovo comes from Ericsson Enterprise Systems do Brasil, an independent company, known until 1999 as MATEC.
Valpey-Fisher Corporation, formerly known as MATEC Corporation, specializes in providing frequency control devices, including quartz crystals and oscillators.
MATEC Corporation Condensed Consolidated Balance Sheets (in thousands) (Unaudited) (Audited) 3/31/02 12/31/01 ASSETS Current assets: Cash and cash equivalents $ 6,701 $ 5,960 Receivables, net 1,940 2,307 Inventories, net 3,829 4,469 Deferred income taxes and other current assets 1,476 1,469 Total current assets 13,946 14,205 Property, plant and equipment, at cost 9,937 9,910 Less accumulated depreciation 5,602 5,383 4,335 4,527 Other assets 86 109 $18,367 $18,841 LIABILITIES AND STOCKHOLDERS' EQUITY Current liabilities $ 1,749 $ 1,835 Long-term debt 1,176 1,278 Deferred income taxes 741 754 Stockholders' equity 14,701 14,974 $18,367 $18,841
Chairman, President and CEO, said, " Like many companies, MATEC continues to be significantly impacted by the continuing recession in the telecom industry.
Chairman, President and CEO, said, " Like many companies, MATEC is feeling the impact of the softening market conditions and volatility in the telecom industry.
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, said, " MATEC has enjoyed a good operating performance in first quarter, particularly in light of the current volatility in the technology industry environment.
For the fourth quarter of 2000, MATEC reported a 74% increase in net sales to $7.
For the third quarter of 2000, MATEC reported an 82% increase in net sales to $7.