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MATHMental Abuse to Humans
MATHMaster of Arts in Theology (degree)
MATHMichigan Autumn Take-Home (math challenge)
MATHMen of Asia Testing for HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus; research study; various locations)
MATHModular Air Transportable Hospital
MATHMeprin and TRAF (TNF (Tumor Necrosis Factor) Receptor-Associated Factor) Homology
MATHMaking Amazing Tutoring Happen
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Adds Susan Levine, Rebecca Anne Boylan Professor of Education and Society in Psychology: "Math-anxious parents may be less effective in explaining math concepts to children, and may not respond well when children make a mistake or solve a problem in a novel way.
Math Monkey Education Center Hong Kong is an academic education center which originated from the USA in 2006.
Do we really believe that the reason that there are so many foreign applicants to our graduate programs is that they teach math and science better in other countries?
The article highlights one of Singapore Math's strategies, called "bar modeling," as an ideal way to solve math word problems.
He's found math in beadwork, basket weaving, Navajo rugs, modern music, and even cornrow hairstyles.
Some are independently owned while some are franchises of larger companies, such as Score Educational Centers and Kumon Math and Reading centers.
The writers never put in a math joke simply to tickle only their own funny bones, according to Ken Keeler, a Simpsons writer with a Ph.
In addition to language processing skills which facilitate semantic understanding of quantitative concepts, even early levels of math curriculum require a multitude of cognitive activities, including counting knowledge, number production and comprehension, fact ability, procedural knowledge, and problem solving.
Math anxiety is often the result of repeated negative experiences related to mathematics (Kogelman, Nigro, & Warren, 1978).
Motor processing problems will often cause handwriting difficulties, which can affect math performance.
Institute in Costa Mesa, California, scientists are coming up with ways to make math easier to learn, by combining computer skills with music.
As with all powerful math software, there is a learning curve involved in getting used to the interface, but I found I ramped up quite quickly, especially when compared to learning the math languages in Maple or Mathematica.