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Miss Matilda Murray was a veritable hoyden, of whom little need be said.
As an animal, Matilda was all right, full of life, vigour, and activity; as an intelligent being, she was barbarously ignorant, indocile, careless and irrational; and, consequently, very distressing to one who had the task of cultivating her understanding, reforming her manners, and aiding her to acquire those ornamental attainments which, unlike her sister, she despised as much as the rest.
As a moral agent, Matilda was reckless, headstrong, violent, and unamenable to reason.
'It's very odd, Miss Grey, that the carriage should always make you sick: it never makes ME,' remarked Miss Matilda,
Sometimes Matilda and John would determine 'to get all the plaguy business over before breakfast,' and send the maid to call me up at half-past five, without any scruple or apology; sometimes, I was told to be ready precisely at six, and, having dressed in a hurry, came down to an empty room, and after waiting a long time in suspense, discovered that they had changed their minds, and were still in bed; or, perhaps, if it were a fine summer morning, Brown would come to tell me that the young ladies and gentlemen had taken a holiday, and were gone out; and then I was kept waiting for breakfast till I was almost ready to faint: they having fortified themselves with something before they went.
Doctor, dear, Matilda's leg to the contrary notwithstanding.
"I'm sorry for Matilda Clow, but since she had to break her leg it couldn't have happened at a better time.
Portions of the cast have put together a "Matilda Story Hour" they take to libraries and other venues that includes "Matilda"-themed games and activities.
By refusing to feed from my breast, Matilda has ended up saving my life."
That all changes when he's assigned to write an obituary for a Hollywood mogul, which leads him to Matilda Duplaine.
The seventeenth-century monument celebrates Countess Matilda's most acclaimed deeds in the papal milieu (1633-1637; fig.