MATLVMedical Associates of the Lehigh Valley (Pennsylvania)
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In virtually all equations, the results closely resembled those reported for our three prime models; the only exceptions noted were somewhat lower significance levels for MATLV in some fertility equations and for the endogenous right-side variables in a few other instances.
Derived Reduced-Form Coefficients and Elasticities for the MATLV Variable
These are shown in Table V for the MATLV variable, together with the partial elasticities for that variable with respect to each endogenous variable, computed at variable means.
In general, the reduced-form coefficients of MATLV in the infant mortality and labor-force equations conform fairly closely to the structural estimates shown in Tables II and III above.
A ten percent increase in MATLV is found to lower infant mortality rates, for the average country in the sample, in the range of about three to almost five percent.
MATLV coefficients yielded by this procedure showed little variation from those derived by the method outlined above.