MATMAMid-Atlantic Treasury Management Association
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This includes people falling behind with "priority debts" such as rent, council tax and energy bills, the MATMA found.
sajandi teisel poolel hakati matma Kaberla maa-alusesse kalmistusse.
In general, the Estonian directional verbs like jaama 'to remain', matma 'to bury', and separative verbs like leidma 'to find', hankima 'to procure', correspond to Russian static verbs.
Matma Chowdhury (University of Western Sydney)examines the comparative economic performance of resource booms in PNG, Indonesia and Nigeria, but does not incorporate the triple bottom line accounting of environmental, social and economic aspects in these calculations, resulting in a one-dimensional perspective.
sajandi lopust surnuid poletamata matma uks uus pere/kogukond.