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Caption: Figure 6: The simulated SLP (unit hPa) field with Barnes filter (dotted lines) and without Barnes filter (solid lines) for (a) 0600 UTC and (b) 0500 UTC 24 July 2014 after TC Matmo landed China.
"Matmo, the 10th typhoon to affect China this year, has destroyed homes and crops and caused direct economic losses worth 3.37 bln yuan (about USD 547 mln)," it said.
Matmo is the 10th typhoon to have hit the country this year.
Matmo dumped some 600 millimetres of rain in the mountainous areas Taiwan.
As officials continue to account for the damages caused by Rammasun, Coloma said the Philippines is preparing for the arrival of another typhoon Matmo known locally as Henry.
The ATR 72-500 propeller plane was making a second attempt to land after aborting the first during thunder and heavy rain as Typhoon Matmo lashed Taiwan.
Stormy weather on the trailing edge of Typhoon Matmo was the likely cause of the plane crash that killed more than 40 people, the airline said.
Taiwan was recently hit by Typhoon Matmo on early Tuesday morning and the plane was allegedly trying to make an emergency landing at Magong Airport before it crashed.
2 is still up over Batanes Group of Islands as typhoon "Henry" (international name: Matmo) gains more strength, the Philippine Atmospheric Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA) said Tuesday afternoon.
MANILA -- Typhoon "Henry" (international name: Matmo) has moved further away from the Philippine landmass but the public storm warning signals that the weather bureau raised Monday morning still stand.
The ATR 72-500 propeller plane was attempting to land for the second time after aborting the first attempt during thunder and heavy rain as Typhoon Matmo pounded Taiwan.
Typhoon Matmo hit Taiwan on Wednesday, bringing heavy rain and strong wind.