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MATNMain/Alternate Telephone Number (ISDN BRI)
MATNMultimedia Augmented Transition Network
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As will be shown below, the correspondence between matns and isnads in the versions under examination is substantial enough to rule out a late, post-CL origin of the hadith.
The matn ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]) signifies the visible part of a thing.
This metaphysics is succintly summarized in philosophico-theological terms by the Imam Muhammad ibn Yusuf al-Sanusi al-Hasani in his Matn al-Sanusiyyah, also called Umm al-Barahin, in which he explicates the meaning of la ilaha illa Allah as the absolute independence of God from all that is other than Him, and the absolute dependence of all that is other than Him on Him.
Nice Guy, but we're not going to accept anybody crossing us", said Judith Harik, a Hizbullah expert and the president of Matn University in Beirut.
Sisters Yara Abul Hosn, 17, and Riwa, 12, are looking forward to celebrating Eid with their grandparents, uncles, aunts and cousins in their ancestral village Kalaa in the Matn mountains, which are about an hour's drive from the Lebanese capital Beirut.
The legendary Syrian singer surprised partygoers at a nightclub in al Matn District when he popped in for an impromptu performance.
In the wake of the meeting, Kanaan said, "nobody wishes to see trash accumulating on the streets, and no one approves of having a landfill along Matn coast.
Khoury et Fils Holding and Majid Al Futtaim Holding plans to build phase 1 of the Waterfront City, in Dbaye, Matn, Lebanon.
He also has a commentary on the Matn al-Qadi Abi Shuja called al-Iqna fi hall alfaz Abi Shuja.
Summary: BEIRUT: A person is in custody after allegedly firing at a convoy of Phalange Party cars Sunday which led to a stand-off in the Matn town of Bikfaya.
NNA - Prepare to take to the street for what's happening at the cabinet level necessitates taking a forceful action, former army general Michel Aoun, told Trend supporters at a Matn dinner banquet yesterday.
Khoury et Fils Holding and Majid Al Futtaim Holding plans to build phase 2 of the Waterfront City, in Dbaye, Matn, Lebanon.