MATOAMid-Atlantic Tactical Officers Association (Wilmington, DE)
MATOAMonths After Task Order Award
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Results of a comparison of the UTAUT and MATOA models are shown in Table 1.
The results showed that the MATOA model had greater explanatory power than did the UTAUT model (a 14% increase).
The model comparison results showed that the UTAUT model provided inadequate explanatory power for older adults' technology adoption, and that the MATOA model had greater explanatory power.
The empirical results indicated that the MATOA model possesses greater explanatory power than does the UTAUT model and can be used to directly explore the fundamentals of technology adoption by older adults.
Te Toa Matoa launched into the strong and joyful song I had practiced for weeks.
In my official role as a Peace Corps volunteer with Te Toa Matoa, I assisted this fledgling organization to define its goals and develop strategies to accomplish them.
Te Toa Matoa made tremendous strides during the two years I worked with it.
According to scholar of Indonesian theatre Matthew Cohen, for some audience members the production achieved a feeling of authenticity in large part by bravely refusing to exploit the theatrical appeal of seeing the leader of the bissu community, Puang Matoa Saidi, perform actual bissu rites.
I would like to dedicate this article to the memory of Bissu Puang Matoa Saidi, who performed a starring role in Wilson's production, and together with Puang Peta Bala Sari, taught me much about La Galigo.
For example, Bone's rulers were able to demand services from the Wajorese in Makassar, undermining the authority of the head of that community, the matoa. The fact that, coincidentally, the Bone kings also bore by right a high title from the Bugis state of Wajo reinforced their claims, heightening tensions between matoa and court.
The Wajorese matoa, in a similar role, benefited from considerable advantages in trade.
In the mid-eighteenth century, for example, the Wajorese matoa was continually struggling to prevent his followers from drifting out of Makassar's Kampung Wajo' into other kampung, such as Bandang, Buton, and Melayu.