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MATPMembrane Associated Transporter Protein (genes)
MATPMilitary Intelligence Readiness Command (US Army)
MATPMassachusetts Assistive Technology Partnership
MATPMaximum Transmission Point (photonics)
MATPMedical Assistance Transportation Program
MATPMotor Activity Training Program (Special Olympics)
MATPMedia Arts and Technology Program
MATPMassachusetts Alliance on Teen Pregnancy
MATPMaster of Arts in Transpersonal Psychology
MATPMirror Australian Telegraph Publications (Sydney, Australia)
MATPMathematics, Algebra, Trigonometry, Physics
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The MATP can provide better performance than HMP and OATP models.
The MATP comprised a stand-alone Master Murabaha Agreement, a Master Agency Agreement and Letter of Understanding.
It has recently finalised the Master Murabaha and Master Agency Agreements, commonly known as the IIFM MATP, that are now used by a number of institutions globally and is the first universally standardized documentation in Islamic finance.
The MATP comprises of standalone Master Murabaha Agreement, Master Agency Agreement and Letter of Understanding.
a leader in the web application and technology services industry, today announced they have been named as the 2005 MATP of the Year.
MATP provides transportation to ma consumers, who otherwise have no other means of transportation or have an unmet transportation need, and require access to medical treatment or evaluation, or purchasing prescription drugs or medical equipment.
Key representatives of the Islamic Finance industry hailed the MATP as a landmark initiative for standardising the Commodity Murabaha, a tool customarily used by Islamic institutions for Shari'ah compliant liquidity management.
The MATP will significantly help the Islamic banking industry's commodity murabaha transactions, which form the bulk of Islamic market transactions, according to IIFM chief executive officer Ijlal Alvi.
A key highlight of the briefing session will be the MATP, which is in the final stages of review and which the IIFM expects to unveil in due course.